What age groups do you see?
We see patients from birth through 18 years of age.

Do you make hospital rounds?
Yes. Our physicians are active staff members with admitting privileges at Christus Good Shepherd Medical Center and Longview Regional Medical Center.

Are immunizations important?
Absolutely. Immunizations protect your child from serious diseases that can be deadly.

Can we still be seen if we decide not to vaccinate our kids?
Yes. We recommend vaccinations for all children. However, in a situation where parents choose to decline or defer vaccinations, we educate as much as we can by sharing evidence-based medical recommendations. If they still choose to decline or defer vaccinations, we respect the family's decision. We also ask them to sign a waiver from the AAP acknowledging that they are aware of potential risks associated with not vaccinating.

Do you have onsite imaging?
No, however, there are several imaging facilities in Longview that can get images done quickly.

Do you draw labs in the clinic?
Yes. If you have an appointment in the clinic and need labs drawn we can collect blood &/or urine for testing. However, if you are not scheduled for an appointment in the clinic we typically send orders to a nearby lab for blood draws.

Do you have wheelchair access?
Yes. Our clinic is ADA compliant.

What if I do not share your religious beliefs?
We provide the best care possible to ALL of our patients, regardless of their family’s religious or personal beliefs.

How do I change my PCP?
To change your PCP please call your health plan prior to your appointment:

Texas Children’s Medicaid: 1-800-659-5764

Superior MCD/CHIPS: 1-800-783-5386

Amerigroup: 1-800-600-4411

UHC Medicaid: 1-877-352-7798

Molina: 1-877-319-6826


Will I get a bill for a well-child check?
That depends on your insurance, and what is covered on your plan. For example, some insurances cover vision and hearing tests while some do not. Also, if there were separate problems addressed, such as lab tests ordered for non-preventive sick concerns; during a well-check appointment, additional co-pays or deductible charges may apply.

Please feel free to contact our billing department if you have further questions.


What if we are self-pay?
If you have no insurance coverage or are underinsured we offer a reduced price for services and vaccines. The discount is only applied if you do not have an outstanding balance and must be paid in full at the time of service.